What’s Vapor or vape?

Vape or better known as the Vapor is the e cigarettes that is an alternative to tobacco products as a substitute for cigarettes. Electronic Cigarette is a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine gives the same effect as a conventional smoke. Electric cigarettes give a flavor and physical sensation similar to tobacco smoke inhaled but, in the company, does not involve tobacco, smoke or combustion.

Basically, the vapor is the result of evaporation of the liquid dripped into cotton that has been heated by electricity. These cigarettes are usually elongated tubular. If it’s good or bad effects of vapor up to now has not known for certain. Until now still be the pros and cons among the people. Actual research or in-depth research on this vapor does not exist. The discussion is about the nicotine used in vaping, but not all liquid made from liquid nicotine.