Several Types of Cosmetic Dental Care Procedures

Almost all dentistry treatments are aesthetic, but there are some that function cosmetically or to beautify but also temporary. The most common cosmetic treatments available in dental clinics, including in the dentist Salem Oregon, are whitening teeth, gingival ablation, and putting diamonds on teeth. However, there are actually some other treatments which are:

–    Forming the back teeth (Tooth Reshaping)
This procedure includes changing gear to improve his appearance by modifying or eliminating a layer of enamel. It is also known as tooth contouring, which is often combined with bonding.

–    Crown lengthening
This procedure can improve a smile is too much show gums than teeth or uneven gum line. This is done by removing excess gum tissue to show more teeth, using a minor oral surgery.

–    Changing smile
This procedure includes an assessment of the overall appearance of teeth and smile in a comprehensive manner. Usually some cosmetic dentistry procedures necessary to overhaul the look of a patient smile. This can be considered as a facelift for the mouth.