Be a Strong Wife

If we get a rumor about our husbands from others, we do not have to believe it. We must talk to your husband and ask that question. If we are not satisfied with his answer and the information about our husband’s infidelity makes us worried and uncomfortable, better we look for answers about what we have to do? Sometimes we prefer with the response from our mind. We can learn it from because there is a story about the affair and some ways to overcome it. We do not need counseling because all of the guidance can be found at When a woman has no faults but got punishment from God, maybe she will think God is not fair. If we are in that position, we have to think if it was not a punishment but a test. If we successfully pass this test well then God will give you a wonderful gift in the future. We also should not take measures in a hurry because it could cause a bird to our relationship.

If we find the right time to reveal our husband’s infidelity, we should be able to receive all of the answers he gave. If he wants to put an end to this relationship and choose divorce we must accept but do not let the child custody fell to him. If he wants to come back to us and want to start a relationship from the beginning and he promised not to repeat the same mistakes, we have to accept it. If he meant with his words, he will change all the vices he and fix the mess he created. Be a strong wife who can withstand all heavy burdens on the shoulders of the brave. Women can live without men, but they could be better with men. So, all decisions we can give to our husbands and wished her to choose the best decision for both of us.