Everyone Is At Risk Of Neuropathy

Have you ever heard the term neuropathy? Neuropathy, among the general public, it is not as famous as other health conditions. However, do not underestimate it, because neuropathy also potentially limits your normal activities. Clearly, neuropathy is a nerve disorder that can occur in the elderly, patients with diabetes, trauma to the nerves, and deficiencies in vitamin B1, B6 and B12. Everyone is at risk of developing neuropathy. Only the risk could be higher or lower, depending on various factors, such as lifestyle and family history. Neuropathy is more common in two kinds of circumstances. The first was in elderly people. Studies have shown that one in four people aged over 40 years suffer from neuropathy. Increasing age, the more one tends to experience more of a nervous breakdown. And if it is not treated properly, neuropathy can lead to more severe neurological disease. The second condition is prone neuropathy in diabetics – commonly called diabetic neuropathies.

You do not have to worry for there is a nerve pain supplement that could ease the pain you suffer from the Neuropathy called NerveRenew. If you are wondering about this supplement, you could visit http://nerverenewreview.org, to get more information about this product. However, you must know the symptoms that you suffer from Neuropathy and they are:

– Burning sensation in the toes, feet, legs, hands, arms, and fingers arm
– Numbness
– Cramps
– Stiff muscles and tingling
– Loss of bladder control
– The skin becomes hypersensitive
– Shiny skin with hair loss in certain areas
– Muscle atrophy (muscle shrinking)

To prevent the occurrence of neuropathy, it is recommended that everyone was doing early on. Because the symptoms of neuropathy had just seen clearly when the nerve damage has occurred. In addition, nerve repair would take a long time, and the older you are, the nerve function will decline – especially at the age of 40. Prevention can be done in various ways. Exercise regular and adequate rest for the regeneration of nerve cells. Then, identify what you eat. Strive always nutritionally balanced and, if necessary, the consumption of vitamin neurotrophic, namely B1, B6, and B12. These vitamins are necessary for maintaining the nervous system to work properly.