Ibogaine and Ibogaine Treatment Centers: What to know?

Ibogaine has been found to have therapeutic benefit for individuals who suffer from the consequences of taking an alcohol, methamphetamine, or cocaine addiction and the mental disorder which is called as the obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD for short. Those who support ibogaine as a beneficial drug to cure addictions suggest that each of the ibogaine treatments has a high success rate of between 80 per cent of opiate users.

Ibogaine has benefits for treating the addiction because of the way it acts on the receptor system by resetting the password for the dopamine in the brain, which can help stop drug-taking behaviour as a result of the condition. It is also believed that ibogaine is able to change thought the patterns that are usually experienced by an addict and return them to normal levels in the brain neurochemistry. In addition, strong psychedelic qualities of the material can help individuals with psychological concerns as a result of their drug abuse.

Ibogaine is an experimental treatment so that it cannot be conducted unless the treatment has been approved by a therapist and that is one of the reasons of the iboga retreat. It should be taken with caution and only be administered under a medical supervision that should be made strict. There are many treatment centres in the world which have approved the use of ibogaine as one of the tools for their treatments. There are several treatment centres were established including in Mexico, Australia, Canada, parts of Europe and some parts of Asia such as Thailand. Estimates show that treatment with ibogaine has a mortality rate of 1 in 300 people who followed him. Thorough medical evaluation should always be done before treatment with a psychiatric evaluation. Individuals with heart problems, high blood pressure, the risk of stroke or an aneurysm, have liver or kidney problems or disease hypoglycemia banned from this treatment. In addition, individuals with a history of psychological disorders should avoid using this material.